2007 Milepost – Alaska Travel Guide

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2007 Milepost

I picked a good time to do a series of posts on our new covers as the 2007 Milepost arrived in the mail just today.  This is a cover I’m really proud and excited of as the Milepost is a long running publication that I remember well even as a kid – every vehicle traveling to and through Alaska back then and today has one of these on the dash, as well they should. 

In my opionion, independent traveler in Alaska should have one – I use mine constantly on my travels.  There are descriptions of every significant landmark on every single highway within Alaska and to and from the lower 48.  The 800 page guide also covers campgrounds, National Parks and even the Alaska Ferry system, and it is updated yearly so the informaiton is always current.  They are available in many book stores, but you can always order one directly from The Milepost    

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