2010 Milepost Cover!

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Cover, 2010 Milepost

Cover, 2010 Milepost.

O man, I’m really excited to report that I have the cover of the Milepost for the 4th year in a row!  Growing up in Glennallen everyone who passed through our restaurant had a copy in hand or on their dash.  I dreamed of having the cover one day, I never imaged having 4 in a row!  Now I dread the day I don’t have the cover – I’m going to have to work extra hard next summer!

Now that I travel so much I know why The Milepost is such a valuable resource.  It has mile by mile detail on every road and community throughout Alaska, and on every route and community between Alaska and the Lower 48.  My copy never leaves my truck.  I have been recommending this guide for years on photography forums and on travel forums like RV.net

The main photo is actually of Janine and I with my parents, as we enjoyed an evening campfire at the Chugach National Forest Williwaw Campground near Portage.  By the way, Williwaw is one of the nicest campground in Alaska.  I used a self timer to trigger the camera.  The smaller photo is of Janine in front of Denali (Mt. McKinley).

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  1. Totally awesome, that was such a fun weekend. We love that campground too! It is nice to see you on a cover as well, not that we don’t enjoy seeing Janine.

  2. Ron, that is so wonderful!!! We love your work and we brag about you everywhere we go (no kidding!). 🙂 And thanks for the tip on the campground. Going to check that out next summer.

  3. Hey Ron,

    I guess this time you’re REALLY on the cover, eh? 🙂 Congratulations again.

    By the way, didn’t Guy Tal predict it correctly, with the image of Janine and Denali: I think so!

    Great photos.



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    Thanks a lot everyone!

    @Laurie Yeah it is a great campground – and if you guys have bikes, bring them to, there are some great bike trails.

    @ Bob and Arlene – Merry Christmas to you too!

    @ Carl, I forgot about that – that was a good prediction.

    @ April – no I didn’t ! I would have left my contacts in if I thought it was possible!



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  6. Fantastic, Ron! I treasure my copy of The Milepost and carried it in my carry-on bag for the long 40-hours-in-transit home to Perth from Anchorage! Wonderful accomplishments on your part, and this cover is very special indeed! Would love to meet you (and your Mother) one day!

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