2011 Bells Travel Guide

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Talkeetna, Alaska.

Talkeetna, Alaska.

I always liked how  it appeared that the person on the left was telling a typical Alaskan fish story – “it was at least this big!”

I hadn’t seen this cover yet until I stopped to get gas the other day – nice surprise!

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  1. Isn’t that Carl D? Hope you got a model release from that guy. 🙂

    Always a good thing when you are falling behind in keeping up with the covers you have!

  2. Congrats on the cover Ron, I have posted one Grizzly shot from Yellowstone -have a look. May post some more after I get back from Yosemite National Park. Will be there all of next week. Thanks

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    Thanks a lot everyone!

    @ Mark No that wasn’t Carl – Carl would have released a fish that small. 🙂

    @ Dennis I’ll check it out.

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