2017 Whale and Bear Photo Tour

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Brown Bear fishing at Anan Creek Wildlife Viewing Site, Tongass National Forest, Alaska.

Brown Bear fishing at Anan Creek Wildlife Viewing Site, Tongass National Forest, Alaska.

People wonder how close we get to bears on my photo tours.  This is an un-cropped image captured with 100-400 lens on a full frame camera at 330mm!  It was shot from the blind at the waterfall at Anan Creek.  We saw this bear catch salmon after salmon from this spot.

I’m announcing my Alaska Bear and Whale Photo Tour for 2017.  This is my favorite trip of the year because it includes so much, from breaching and bubble net feeding humpback whales, to black and brown bears.  This trip has proven so popular that I’m offering two of them in 2017.  Here are the highlights:

  • Visits to Frederick Sound, one of the best places in the world to observe humpback whales, where we should seeing bubble net feeding and breaching.  Orcas are also a possibility.
  • Visit some of the best bear viewing locations in Alaska for brown and black bears.  We will be seeing them in stunning rain-forest landscapes where we can capture photos different from the typical bear viewing photo trips in Alaska.
  • Visit Tracy Arm for dramatic mountains and tidewater glaciers.
  • Large, comfortable 87 foot yacht with a maximum group size of 9 so we have lots of room to spread out.  Outdoor decks (mostly covered) surround the ship and are close to the waterline, great for whale photography.  Two skiffs and kayaks give us more options and allow us to explore on shore.  By using a yacht, we are able to anchor and spend the night in stunning, remote coves so we can have great photo opportunities around the clock.
  • Lots of other wildlife including bald eagles, sea lions, sea otters to name just a few.
  • Nine days total including 7 nights on the yacht and a hotel and welcome dinner in Juneau.  Everything is included except tips for the yachts staff.  This includes shore excursions, fantastic meals along with beer and wine.
  • I’m using the longest running operators in Southeast, these guys are the ones that started Southeast cruising in the early 80’s and know all the secret spots.

These are just a few of the highlights, follow the links below for far more details, or send us an email or phone call with questions.

In 2017 I’m offering two trips with different itineraries, what is the difference?

The trips are somewhat similar; both trips will visit Tracy Arm for the stunning scenery and tide water glaciers.  Both spend time in Frederick Sound for amazing whale viewing, along with other “hot spots”  Here are the differences:

The trip from Juneau to Ketchikan is one I have being doing for a few years and it will include the Anan Bear Observatory.  Anan is my favorite bear viewing place, with dramatic waterfall, rain-forest environment with both brown and black bears – last year we had four of each fishing at the same time.  The area is also loaded with eagles. The boat I use is permitted for Anan, so we can spend an extended amount of time there.  This trip will visit a wide range of scenery, including passing through the Wrangell Narrows.  It ends in Ketchikan where you could add a day to see the historic totems poles and other sites.  Here are details on the Juneau to Ketchikan Alaska Bear and Whale Photo Tour.

The other trip is Juneau to Juneau.  This itinerary will include more brown bear stops and will include some places recently discovered by the Captain and relatively unknown.  We will visit Chichagof Island which a bear biologist recently said has a higher concentration of bears, and larger bears than even Kodiak.   Here is more information on the Juneau to Juneau Alaska Bear and Whale Photo Tour.



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