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I have been quietly working away for the past year at learning what I believe could be a new business opportunity – 3D Video.  With the likes of ESPN and Discovery coming out with 3D channels this year, I think there could be a fair amount of demand for such material.  The new methods for viewing 3D video have come a long ways since the days of the red / cyan glasses.

Well, I was able to go about it quietly in Alaska last spring and summer, but not so much on this trip last fall.  I like to blend in while I do travel photography, but my elaborate setup of multiple cameras seemed to draw a lot of attention.  People would ask questions and even take photos of me at work, it was not how I like to work.

Now you need red / cyan glasses to view the attached video, and even at that, it isn’t all that good.  You see the red / cyan does not allow for as much 3D effect as the new methods, and works terrible on red colored subjects or contrasty night scenes, like many in this video.  But for many people this might be the only way to see it – and I’m guessing most people don’t even have those types of glasses.

Fortunately, as of yesterday Nvidia has decided to include my video on their 3D Video Live website!  So, if you have a 3D monitor or TV that uses the Nvidia active 3D glasses, you can view the video in full color and 3D!  Right now my video is at the top of page two here:  3D Vision Live The thumbnail for that video is of the Golden Gate Bridge and is labeled Wild Nature Images.

To read a bit more you can check out our page for 3D HD Video.

As far as the process goes, I can say it has involved a lot of time and some expensive software and hardware and a bit of a proprietary process that I won’t get into now, but maybe in the future.

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  2. Great job Ron. Looks great… of course I need to get 3D glasses now. Great to stay on top of the trends. We just picked up a 3D tv that should be here soon. I’m looking forward to tinkering with the possibilities.

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    Hi Jim – it will be interesting to see what you think of the 3D TV. I have a 3D monitor, but not a TV. There was a large display of them at the MGM in Las Vegas. it was interesting to view them – some stuff looks really cool that way.

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  5. Hi Ron!

    It’s Kyle, Kathy’s nephew and Dennis Murphy’s son. Its great to hear someone close to home talking about this stuff, I wonder about it every time I’m in the electronics section. It has intrigued me since I was a kid so I’ll be keeping tabs on you for future posts. I am practically an infant with photography compared to you, so I’ll do my best to keep up! 😉


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    Hey Kyle – thanks for the comment! I think I have seen you on the Lost Lake Trail with your family a few years ago. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Good luck with your photography!


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