A night of wolves

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Here is one of those cases where my memory and the actual experience far exceed the quality of the image.

I captured this photo in last light as I pulled into this small protected cove so that I could anchor up and sleep on my small rental boat for the evening.  This is looking out the cove in the direction the sun had set maybe an hour earlier, behind me is the shore about 50 yards away.  As I began dropping anchor, I could hear a pack of wolves begin to howl just a short distance away, possibly on shore near my boat.  This would begin a chorus of howls that would come and go for the next few hours – it was such a cool experience!  Despite light from a near full moon, as hard as I looked, I never could make out any shapes or movements, but I knew they were there.

I pulled out the next morning before first light thanks to the bright moon, so I never did see the elusive animals, but commercial fisherman back in Petersburg later confirmed that the cove I was in is home to a very active wolf pack.

I hope to anchor up in this cove next summer during my Southeast Alaska yacht based whale and landscape photo tour.  Next time I think I will allow a few more hours to try to see and photograph this pack of wolves along the beautiful rainforest coastline.

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  1. Hi Ron,
    This is Morad from Iran, I follow your fine blog in fb and your beautiful pictures.
    Hope to see you here in Isfahan- Iran for some wonderful pictures some day soon.

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    Thanks a lot Morad – I appreciate it!

    I have heard that Iran is a beautiful country, although I don’t know how safe it is for Western travelers.

  3. Just awesome, Ron! I can listen to the wolves howling in my mind’s ear as I gaze on the panorama.

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