A Whale of a Welcome Home!

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A humpback whale dives off the shoreline in Seward, Alaska.

A humpback whale dives off the coast of Seward, Alaska.

I got back into the home office on Saturday morning.  I stopped to gaze out the windows in order to take in  ocean and beautiful mountains – something I frequently do, it can be hard to get work done here!  Well low and behold, there was a humpback whale!  What a place we live in.

This photo was captured yesterday (Sunday).  The whale was back in front of the town a number of times during the day.  Surprisingly, a tour boat went right by it, I was surprised someone on board didn’t see it, although I was just as surprised to see a tour boat this time of year.  I assume it must be hardy visitors up to watch the start of the Iditarod.  Too bad they missed such a cool sighting!

My postings here may slow a bit over the next month or so as I spend more time in the office and less in the field.  It seems like everytime I write that, and still find time and stuff to photograph!

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  1. Hey Ron,

    Greetings from Glennallen.

    That’s pretty cool to see right when you get home.

    I was surprised by how many of tour operators were running around recently, cruise ship folks, etc. Like you said, I guess it’s the Iditarod.

    Enjoy the view.



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    Hi Carl,

    Glennallen – that word brings back lots of memories!

    You must be heading back you your cabin – have fun!



  3. Hey Ron, did you ever think that sounds a bit counter intuitive…less time in field = less time to post? 🙂 What an awesome site to be welcomed home by.

  4. Hey Ron-
    Welcome home, quite a homecoming! The Iditarod restart up past Willow was CROWDED – tons of people. The population went from 13 to 130,000,000… or something like that:)
    It took me 2 hours to drive the 26 miles from Willow to Wasilla yesterday… kinda busy place.

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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks! Yeah I guess that is a bit counter intuitive. I guess it would be more accurate to say I’ll have much more time to post – I just won’t have any new material.

    Hi Dave,

    I haven’t been to the re-start in a number of years, but was surprised at by the size of the crowd in the ADN photos today. That is a fun event, unbelievable energy. Thanks.


  6. Hi Ron,
    Welcome back. I’ve been enjoying all the photos you’ve posted on that long trip. I signed up here just when you put up the full moon shot before the trip.
    What wonderful colors, especially the sandstone and flowers.
    Thanks for sharing that!

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