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White water rafting on the Snake River.

Four people being thrown from a raft in some nice rapids on the Snake River – the girl in blue actually held on!  There are endless outdoor recreation activities available in the Jackson, Wyoming area.

Most people are probably familiar with the world class downhill skiing at Jackson Hole, but there is also a ton of summer activities as well.  Along with the white water rafting, there is scenic rafting and canoeing, wonderful rock and mountain climbing, hiking, mountain running and mountain biking trails everywhere, and even fly fishing.  I probably missing plenty – o yeah, there have been about 20 people paragliding off the nearby hills in the evening.  The locals seem to be very fit and athletic, and it is easy to see why.

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  1. Wow! what a great catch. I may have to relocate up there and find myself an athletically fit woman who can hang onto a raft. 🙂 Do you know what class of rapids it is up there? I’ve whitewatered once on the American River and want to do it again.

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    Thanks Richard!

    I’m not sure the class – maybe 3 or 4. We might take a trip, I will find out.

    You might have to relocate here – there are a lot of athletically fit woman who can hang onto a raft – not that I noticed.

  3. Class 3 & 4 is exciting enough and yet not suicide either. As is, I almost flew out of the raft on this class 3+ rapid but my friend grabbed my arm as I lost my seating. What suggestion would you have for bringing a camera along for the ride? Or are you not planning on bringing the camera? Would a weather-sealed camera be sufficient or underwater housing would be the best bet?

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    This looked like a pretty wet ride, I think you would need a housing to be safe. I was going to leave my camera behind and just do it for fun.

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  7. hey Ron

    Cool. Did you go rafting? Looks like maybe a Class 3 rapid, to me – but without seeing more of the river I’m just guessing.

    Looks like the guide fell out the back? Is that right? Also, note nobody is holding on the end of the paddle – the T grip end .. bad, bad, BAD! I’d have kicked everyone outta the boat if they did this! That’s how people lose a tooth, or worse. I don’t mean to divert your readers here, but if you look at this photo you can see what I mean .. everyone’s holding the T grip. That way a loose end doesn’t swing around and take someone’s face out when you hit a big wave.

    Are you home yet?



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    Hi Carl,

    Sorry your comment got held up in the spam catcher!

    Yeah, we are home and enjoying it!

    We did go rafting right before coming home, it was a bast! I did a lot of rafting growing up – but never in a river where you could jump in a go for a swim!

    You are right, they say this stretch was Class 3. The guide (in back) did stay in along with one girl – this might have been a private party in a rental, there were a bunch on the river that day. I know what you mean on the T handle. I have a feeling they were holding on to it until getting thrown out!



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