Adelie Penguins

Ron Niebrugge Antarctica, Photos, Travel 2 Comments

These are three Adelie Penguin – definitely cute and curious little guys.   Penguins have so much personality and can be so expressive – they are really fun to watch!

Here they are on an iceberg.  I often preferred finding them on icebergs because it usually meant nice, clean bright snow.  Since it doesn’t snow much in Antarctica, the snow in and around the colonies was often very dingy looking.  I also liked the graphical simplicity of this setting with a diagonal of snow splitting the blue sky.

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    Thanks Andy!

    It was Canon 5D III, with a 24-105 lens at 105. You don’t need a big telephoto with these guys! ISO 250, f/8 and 1/3200 shutter speed.

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