Aialik Glacier

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Aialik Glacier

Yesterday (Thursday) at Aialik Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.

There are a lot of great things about living in Seward, but number one has to be how close we are to Aialik Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park.  The Travel Channel included this area when it did a two hour special on the 10 greatest wonders of the world.   Not the U.S., the world!  And I’m just a short boat ride away for one of them.

I traveled so much last year, I never made the short trip to the Bay, and so far I hadn’t made it this year either – it should be a crime to live so close and not go at least once a year.  It is kind of like being a kid living in Anaheim and not going to Disneyland, except for a nature loving photographer, Aialik Bay is 100 times better then Disneyland!  Granted, I know some kids that might disagree.

I have photos with and without the tour boat, but I felt by including a the 150 passenger vessel, would give the viewer a real feel of for the amazing size of this tidewater glacier.  I often wait and visit on a sunny day – but the wonderful thing about a glacier on a cloudy, stormy day is it helps emphasise the wonderful blues.  On a sunny day, our eyes hardly see the blue.  More Kenai Fjords National Park photos.

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  1. Looks like a pretty place to look at and photgraph.
    I have added a few of my photo’s to flicker. They can be found under dennisjbarton or Dennis Barton

  2. I love the “blues ” anyway!! Spectacular image. How much does it calve? I was telling Carl the other day, I know you can,t do it, bou it would be off the hook to climb one!!! Have a safe day!!

  3. I agree with Jim. My friend honeymooned in SE AK and her friends back home in NM couldn’t believe that, in her photos, the tiny little blips next to the glacier were huge cruise ships.

  4. Post

    Thanks everyone!

    Dennis – I will take a look at your images when I get home.

    Thanks Jim – you do need to get back here!

    Hi Beth! This glacier actually calves a lot, it is pretty cool to see, but probably not safe to climb. I have hiked on Exit Glacier, that was cool.

    Hi DHT – sounds like your friend made a good choice for a honeymoon!


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