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  2. Always like your stuff but I wish you would describe locations better. I think the assumption is that nobody knows anyway … but that is not always true. Second point … although I have been an HDR far from WAAAAY BACK, I think it is becoming overdone and a crutch. Yes, the increased dynamic range is a real advantage … but landscape is landscape and a pleasure by itself and doesn’t benefit as much from “cooking” as architectural shots.

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    @ Dennis – Thanks – I was thinking of you when I wrote this – it is better to be raining now then when you are here!

    Hi Daryl. Thanks, I’m glad you like my stuff!

    I feel like I usually provide a fair amount of information on the location of most my photos. There have only been a few places that I won’t share like some of my photos from Valley of Fire, but I believe I have always been upfront about a location I won’t share. For this photo, there wasn’t an easy way to describe the location as this is an unnamed mountain and a unnamed lagoon in Aialik Bay – that narrows it down to within a few miles – I felt like a more detailed description wouldn’t have been that interesting for most readers. Speaking of the subject, if you didn’t see it, you might enjoy this post:

    I agree with you on HDR – I feel like they are almost always overcooked and cartoonish looking – especially when used on a landscape image. I don’t use HDR software on landscapes (including this one) – in fact, I think about the only time I use HDR software anymore is on Las Vegas photos where everything is already over the top! I prefer to use graduated neutral density filters:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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