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The tracks of the Alaska Railroad can be seen cutting through the valle heading south to Seward, Alaska.

The tracks of the Alaska Railroad can be seen cutting through the valley heading south to Seward, Alaska.

I captured this from the plane on my way to the NAB conference in Las Vegas.  It is fun to pick out places I have been from such a high altitude.  Here I can see where the Alaska Railroad cuts through the Grandview area, hangs a right to Trail Lake, and off in the distance at the top of the frame is the very head of Resurrection Bay and Seward.

Seeing this from the air just reminds me of what an amazing place I live – from this elevation it almost look inhabitable, but of course I know otherwise.

After a number of long days in a huge, crowded conference, I am able to appreciate this even more!

The conference was really valuable, made lots of great contacts and learned a ton.  James Cameron was interesting, and pretty much everywhere I looked there was something to do with 3D.   There was 3D footage aired at every presentation I visited including during Cameron’s opening address, and pretty much at every vendor booth there was talk about how they are incorporating the capability.  My head is still spinning with ideas as I try to process everything I learned and saw.  I know one thing, I think I’m at the right place to mentally process all this information.  🙂  Now, I’m off for a quick, spring cross-country ski!

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  1. WOW……..I’m sure I appreciate this photo a lot more than most people. That is the route that I worked last summer on the train! I always wondered what it looked like from above. Thanks for the photo! aahhhhhhhhhhh Grandview………..Trail Lake………brings back the good memories. And, I have to agree with you………Seward is an amazing place! I loved living there.

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