Alaska Bears!

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Spring brown bear cub on its mom's back, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Spring brown bear cub on its mom’s back, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Wow what a great trip!  Really fun group of people, perfect weather, and get this – 5 sows each with their own set of first year cubs, and two more sows with a second year cub or cubs!  Wow!  A boat trip to view puffin, and an exploration trip up the Johnson River capped off a wonderful week!

Four of the sows with cubs were there when we arrived, and consistently gave us great photo opportunities including my long time favorite bear, Pavlov (more on her later).   One day in the middle of our trip, 3 more sows with cubs were spotted on the same day!  These new families were a bit more skittish and couldn’t always be located, including this mom with cubs.  This sow was noticeably uneasy hanging out in an area with so many other bears, and when she got nervous, one of the cubs would almost always jump on her back making for very entertaining viewing and photography.

Thanks to the mild Winter and warm Spring, I thought it could be a good year – I’m glad that prediction came true.  If you want in on this amazing year, because of a recent cancellation, I still have two spots for my August trip:  Alaska Bear Photo Tours.  I know it is last minute, but I would really prefer to bring two more passionate bear viewing photographers, and be able to refund deposits then the opposite, so if you have any questions, please let me know!

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  1. Fantastic shot, Ron! I wasn’t as tight for that situation, but I’m still extremely pleased with the images I was able to take away from Lake Clark. I so wish I could be there again in August! I’ll echo Andy’s sentiments and thank you for a great photo tour

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    Hey Andy and Mark!
    Thanks so much! It was such a great trip in large part thanks to you guys and the rest of the group! And, Rick, and lots of bears! 🙂

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