Alaska Boy Scout Jamboree

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Alaska Boy Scout Jamboree and the Celebrity Cruises ship Millennium, Seward, Alaska.

Alaska Boy Scout Jamboree and the Celebrity Cruises ship Millennium, Seward, Alaska.

Estimates varied, but I heard there were between 900 to 1,200 scouts camped along the waterfront in Seward for the Scout Jamboree last weekend.  I don’t know the exact number, but based on all the tents lining the entire waterfront for as far as I could see – there were a lot!

I thought this photo displayed an interesting dichotomy.  Here you have a luxury cruise ship with a 1,950 person capacity passing by some 1,000 tent based Boy Scouts, that together, briefly doubled the size of our town.  I’m guessing from the reactions on the beach that most the boys had never seen a ship so large, never mind traveled on such a luxury liner.  I’m also guessing that most the cruise ship passengers haven’t spent a night on the ground in a tent in many, many years if ever.  But, by judging from all the camera clicks and flash bulbs coming from both directions, that it was clear, everyone was enjoying and appreciating the beauty of a spring evening in our beautiful state, irregardless of how they were traveling – and I think that is cool.

As a side note, I have to admit that I dreaded the thought of living next to 1,000 teenagers for the weekend.  But, they couldn’t have been a nicer, better behaved bunch of young adults, we enjoyed watching the festivities from our office, and as far as I’m concerned they are welcomed back anytime!

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  1. We were camped in Yosemite Valley once, and while we were out touring the valley, we arrived back at our camp to find nearly 60 hispanic people in the camp site next to us. They’d apparently taken over a dozen nearby sites and congregated in the site next to ours. Turns out they were from a mormon church. Now I didn’t know there were any hispanic mormons to begin with, but it turns out they were holding prayer circles in the camp next to ours. And except for a couple of the kids that kept cutting through our site, they were as pleasant as could be. It was the loud, drunk, redneck family from the Central Valley whose kids were playing & yelling Marco Polo at 11:00 pm in the dark forested campground that I wanted to throttle.

  2. Great dichotomy shot. I haven’t heard of a Boy Scout jamboree since watching a Flintstones episode on that many years ago.

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    Thanks Scott!

    Hi Gary. I know exactly what you mean and have had similar experiences myself. Many times I have been camped next to four, even two guys that made way more noise then these 1,000 Boy Scouts!

  4. Great juxtapositions in that photo, Ron!!! From luxury liner acommodations to the Scouts on the beach to the mountain range in the background where few camp among the wildlife.

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