Alaska Brown Bears

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Brown bear cub stadning on his hind legs, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Brown bear cub standing on his hind legs, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon I began my Alaska bear and puffin photo tour and in just the first afternoon it has already been an awesome trip!  Great group of people and lots of bears!  Sow with cubs, males – all real close, we even hand a sow nurse a young cub right in front of us!  Gotta keep it short, hopefully I will have time for another quick post while I’m over here this week, otherwise we I get back to Seward later this week.

Nursing brown bear cub, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Nursing brown bear cub, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

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  2. I recognize that cub in the top photo! I can’t believe how much he’s grown since late June.

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  4. Great shots, Ron! You’ve got me looking forward to the fall since most bears around here are a little harder to come by at this time of year.

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  6. Ron,
    The photos are awesome! I can almost count the hairs on those bears — even with my poor eyesight. Not sure how you do it, but the clarity is unbelievable.

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  8. Ron, I see you haven’t learned the tips you learned from this trip because you still posted the cub with two grass strands, one on each side of his mouth… the two grass colors don’t even match… tsk tsk tsk… all jokes aside thank you so much for this great trip! P.S. Wilson says there is one grass that is too long on the cub’s leg on the left

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    LOL – you guys are funny!

    Janine and I were watching for you two last night around the boat harbor – we were wondering if you were able to find your B & B OK in the dark, and how the kayaking trip went. The weather started bad, but then was pretty good as the day went on.

  10. Wow, that first picture is incredible. I love the grass around his (her?) mouth, beautiful bokeh, image really captures the cub’s curiosity. Amazing!

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