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  1. You have the best front door view, Ron !
    There is one detail I am curious about. You have published quite a few winter sunrise images, and they all have that wonderful colors in the clouds. Yet, I have never seen a similar color during my travels to Alaska, which took place from late spring to early fall. Is there something about Alaska winter that brings out those colors, or is it a coincidence ?

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    Thanks a lot everyone!

    QT, that is a great observation, and I don’t know the answer. I often hear references to our “winter light”, so there very well may be something to it.

    I suppose the sun rising and setting in the South like it does in the winter instead of the North as it does in summer might by an explanation. It might be a numbers thing – I rarely miss sunrise or sunset in the winter, but I miss many in the summer thanks to the time of day. Or, it might just be coincidence – we did have an exceptional couple of weeks for whatever reason. We can get plenty of gray days in the winter as we do in the summer.



  3. Ron and Janine,

    Just recently started visiting your blog and find your images incredible. Thanks for updating your blog as much as you do, it is fast becoming a favorite.

    Best Regards,

    Life 2.0

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  5. I would think the southern sunrise would play a part because the light is going through more atmosphere?

    You need a web cam mounted to your front door Ron.

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    Thanks Greg!

    Hi Mark – I think you might be right, more haze etc. to the South then North.

    I have considered mounting a web cam just inside the office window.

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