Alaska Polar Bear Photography Tour

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Polar bear this past September, Alaska.

Polar bear this past September, Alaska.

My 2017 Alaska photo tours have been full, and I hope to announce the 2018 trips soon!

However, I guide a trip for my friend Hugh that covers the whole Arctic autumn that surprisingly still has room.  The main attraction on this photo tour is polar bears, but on this particular trip we see so much more.  Including auroras, incredible autumn colors in the Brooks Range, muskox, snowy owls – I could go on.

Now I recognize many people prefer the end of the season in October because they hope to capture polar bears on snow.  I get that.  However October isn’t a guarantee of snow.  Or, you might have so much cold that the bay has iced up, and we are unable to utilize the best shooting platform, boats.

I think there are many more advantages to going at the beginning of the season and not the end – this trip is at the beginning  Here are some of the advantages:

  • Fewer photographers, and usually more polar bears as they gather in mass waiting for the capture of the first whale.
  • Longer and much more comfortable days.
  • Absolutely stunning autumn colors in the Brooks Range.  We photograph these on both the way up and way back giving us peak color in different parts of the range.  In another week or so, they will be gone.
  • Aurora Borealis photography in maybe the most comfortable conditions you will encounter for this unique event.  And, we will have aurora with autumn colors and open water for reflections.
  • Many more birds as the migration will be in full swing.  I see snowy owls on this trip ever year – I haven’t had the same success on later trips.
  • Smaller group.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions about this trip, although the actual book takes place with Hugh. Thanks!



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