Alaska State Fair

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Alaska State Fair

Alaska State Fair, Palmer Alaska.

I would like to say I was the first to come up with the idea for really long exposures and streaking lights, but I’m far from it.  It is still a fun technique to play around with at a place like this!

Richard Wong with The Non-Clamorous Side of Photography recently interviewed me with some interesting questions – you can read my responses here:  Non-Glamorous Side of Photography.

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  1. Thanks Ron. That is a great shot BTW. I wouldnt’ dare bring a tripod to the LA County Fair which starts in a few days because its way too crowded but I did bring a small monopod in my backpack last year though.

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  3. Great interview Ron – some really good insight there for us less experienced photographers. I think the success of your business is a real testament to how well you and Janine work together, keep up the great work!

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    Thanks Dave! Janine deserves most the credit for our success that’s for sure!

    I thought you were going to be on the Denali Highway?


  5. Yeah, my trip was shortened a bit unfortunately. Color peaked as I arrived, and by the next day – colors were very muted and brown. Amazing how quickly the color shifted, wish I had been up there a little bit earlier – but my vacation time was kind of set in stone. Going to Denali NP this weekend, hoping the color holds on a bit longer.

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    That is a bummer Dave. I’m afraid it might not be a great Autumn – I noticed some of the trees in the Valley were going from green to brown. I hope you have better success in Denali!

    Thanks Corsi!


  7. Wow, I can’t believe that is the same fair where I sat in my booth for 11 days. I need to get out more. That is beautiful!


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