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When I saw this dead salmon in the creek, I was so sure I would be able to get my wide angle close-up that I decided I would wait as long as it took for a bear to show up.  Well, along with a break for dinner, I had to wait 7 hours before this young adults showed up! 

I placed my camera a couple feet from the fish with a 24mm lens, and focused on the salmon.  I had a vision of the bear pulling the fish out of the water and practically filling the frame with his face!  Unfortunately, the bear never saw the dead fish and managed to stay out of my focus range!  These near misses keep me coming back day after day. 

I checked back this a.m., and sure enough, the fish was gone.

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  1. Nice shot Ron,
    It may not be the shot you were after, but it has a nice composition and good dead space for text. I think you have a cover shot here.

    Thanks for the entertainment!


  2. Hah! It’s a ruse of the Park’s Marketing Dept., to have you come back! 🙂
    Good attempt anyway!
    Cheers, Klaus

  3. Great Pic!!! He may not be interested in a stinky old dead fish right now, although in October he’d probably eat every bit, bones & all!! Heck, he’s probably got campgrounds to raid.LOL! Maybe Carl had something there. Smear a big rock with peanut butter & honey near your ” hidden ” camera! That might work, but we don’t want to make a food-conditioned bear. Oh well, on to the next idea!! Really great pic, though! He looks like he’s definately on a mission!

  4. P.S. I was looking through your bear pics, & you really have some good ones. There is one pic that is so cute. It’s a cub of the year peeking out of all kinds of wildflowers. He’s looking straight at the camera. I think that was one of the best bear pics I’ve ever seen. Just awesome! You & Carl always seem to bring out what the animal is feeling. Or what you think they are feeling. That was a HAPPY little bear!!

  5. Post

    Thanks everyone!

    Hi Beth, yeah I definitely don’t want to condition this bear to food, I made sure people who did see me knew I didn’t put the fish there.

    I’m really bummed, because I think it may have been killed in some one’s yard yesterday morning. The reports are sketchy, but it don’t sound good. It never seemed to bother anyone.

    That little cub you are talking about was really cute! I seen them last year at this time down in Yukon Territory – it was a blast watching them. Fortunately they were far from any one’s yard, so maybe they are safe.


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