Amanita muscaria – mushroom

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Amanita muscaria - mushroom

While I was looking around for the Spirit Bear, Janine spotted this nice looking mushroom. 

From what I understand this is an Amanita muscaria.  It is a fairly widespread mushroom found throughout much of the world.  This poisonous mushroom is also know as Fly Agaric, Fly Amanita or Fly Mushroom.

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  2. Amanita Muscaria is technically poisonous – but it’s not lethal. It’s hallucinogenic.

    I eat the stuff. A lot of people do. It doesn’t even make me sick, though some people get nausea and even throw up or have muscle twitches but then feel better (like peyote). 1-3 fresh caps will send you on a cozy little trip to fairyland for about 4-8) hours. They don’t taste bad either. And so pretty with their bright red & white… just thinking about it makes me want to go camping!

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    Hi Eric,

    Hey thanks for the helpful information! I may just have to get up the nerve to try some one of these days.



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  5. Lovely photo. I use them too. They work better than anything I’ve ever taken to overcome insomnia.

    The dreams are vivid and you wake up refreshed and remembering them.

    Thanks for sharing, Ron.

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