American Dipper

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American Dipper chick, near Seward, Alaska.

American Dipper chick, near Seward, Alaska.

Was out this morning looking for baby moose, but came home with this cute American Dipper chick – that is ok, these guys are a lot harder to find and photograph then moose.

I was told by someone watching the nest that this little guy fledged just yesterday.  There is another large chick still in the nest that probably isn’t far behind.  The adults were busy feeding the young, including this little guy in the photo.  As soon as the adults would appear with small fish, this little guy would open his mouth real wide and began the begging which is what you see here – it was fascinating to watch!

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  1. Hi Ron:
    Wow – great capture!! I’ve been following your blog since my wife and I left Alaska. We lived in Anchorage for 3 years and these intriguing little fellows were so interesting to observe and photograph. They never ceased to amaze me – I would be walking through the Campbell Tract on the east side of Anchorage in -20 degree temperature and they would be foraging through the open areas of Campbell Creek. People always ask me of my photo adventures in AK and after I tell them about the bears, eagles, loons, moose and sheep I make it a point to tell them about this unique little bird that always put a smile on my face!

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    @ Milo – Funny, I thought of you when I captured this as I knew you could appreciate this image – thanks man!

    @ Greg Thanks, they really are cool birds.

    @ Dan Thanks for the nice comment, and for following the blog for so long. I agree with what you said – seems like I often come across these guys working in and out of the water during the middle of winter – impressive! Thanks!

  3. What a fabulous photograph. We have recently moved to live in the country so hoping to get some bird photos for myself, though I don’t think they will be as good as yours!

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  8. Hi Ron! I’m a Park Ranger at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor’s Center. I would like permission to use this photo (of the American Dipper hatchling with open mouth) in my Babes of the Mendenhall Glacier Education Program (which is a free for anyone.) We have a couple nesting pair in the park, and are trying to discourage people from disturbing the nest, while still giving people a chance to see what the birds look like. Please just send me a quick email if it is okay. (You will be given credit!) Thanks so much! Kat Pratt

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