Antarctic Peninsula

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This is the moon over the Antarctic Peninsula near the Antarctic Circle.

So many things were backwards down there.  For starters, it was summer in January.  It seemed weird to head South during the summer for longer days and North meant shorter days.

The one thing I hadn’t thought about was that the moon would be backwards.  It appears backward because we are basically looking at it from upside down when you are at the bottom of the earth, kinda like standing on your head.

So in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun light moves across the moon from the left to the right creating the familiar DOC shapes as it moves towards full and then away, it does just the opposite down South.  In the Southern Hemisphere, that same memory tool becomes COD.  In other words, the D shape you see in this photo we associate with moving towards the full moon actually means we are moving away from it when seen in the Southern Hemisphere.

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