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I’m back from an awesome trip to Antarctica!  Well not back, but in the Atlanta Airport – it takes four days of travel to return from the frozen continent when you include the two days crossing the Drake.

It was a great trip, we lucked out on the weather and were able to visit many locations that no one else had been able to land at for days if not weeks.  We got well below the Antarctic Circle and had two easy crossing of the famous Drake Passage.  I’m definitely tired – the days were often very long and my head is still spinning with images of couscous penguins approaching and showing all kinds of fun behavior.

Gotts say is is cool and strange to have gone almost 3 weeks without seeing the internet, a TV, newspaper or even driving a vehicle.  It will be interesting to see what I missed if anything.  News of the pending financial cliff and NFL playoffs became trivial once I was so discounted.  I apologize in advance for typos and poor English – I’m typing this very quickly after being up most the night.

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  1. You’ve certainly come out swinging! That’s a stunning first shot. Can’t wait to see more. Welcome back to the land of the connected… take it slow – the culture shock can be hard at first. ;0)

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  3. Love the shot Ron! I imagine it’s an awe inspiring feeling knowing you’re at the bottom of the globe away from everything and everyone. You’re amongst a select group now…you’ve been from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

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    @Richard we were in an ice breaker – the stuff we were going through wasn’t as thick as what you see in the distance, it was more like a half foot thick – still very cool!

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