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    Thanks everyone and welcome aboard Mike!

    Bob – cold weather seems to be delaying the bloom. There is plenty to be seen, but not the big fields many are accustom to seeing.

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    Thanks all!

    I agree Michael – Indidan Head is my favorite backdrop around here.

    Scott – I didn’t us a GND filter on this one.

    I agree Donna!

  3. I attended a photography seminar on composition the other night, pretty much for beginners and intermediates. One of the tips I learned was that when photographing mountains, to put the peaks near the very top of the frame, with a little bit of space. It made me think of your photos, so I went home to check and sure enough most of your mountain photos have peaks near the very top! Guess I never thought about it that much since there aren’t any mountains in my part of Texas, haha…

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    Hi Alan,

    I use a tripod for most my shots. I usually use a grad filter for landscapes and not HDR, so most if not all my Anza-Borrego photos are not HDR. Although for travel type photos, I often prefer HDR over a filter, so many of my photos of a place live Las Vegas are HDR.

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