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  1. absolutely killer shots Ron! Maybe I should just skip Amboy Crater tomorrow morning and just go to Borrego Springs for the day.

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    Thanks Guys!

    There is plenty to shoot here, things have really improved the last few days, although the forecast for tomorrow is winds to 30, which makes it tough to shoot. In fact it is already getting windy enough to begin blowing sand.


  3. Hey Ron,

    Nice stuff these last coupla posts. Were these with your tilt/shift lens?

    Spring isn’t quite so far along up here yet. 🙂



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  5. Hey Ron, beautiful image! I work for the California State Parks Foundation and we just started a photo contest for state parks. I know you are a professional, but I’d love to see some of your work in there, and pass the word! And, keep up the amazing work.


    Jerry Emory
    California State Parks Foundation

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    Thanks Mark!

    Hi Jerry,

    I appreciate the nice comment, and I will definitely have to check out the contest, I appreciate the heads up. The California State Park system is very impressive, and includes some amazing locations!


  7. Hi Ron,

    Terrific photos. I just happened across your website a few days ago. This one and the Barrel Cactus in the rain are my favorites. Both excellent compositions. I was there last Saturday, but the wind was a real challenge. The forecast so far for this weekend is almost no wind; I’ll try again. It looked like there were more flowers to come. Keep posting the great shots – they’re inspiring!

    – John G.

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  9. Hey Ron – nice stuff! I am leaving in a couple of hours to head out to Anzo-Borrego. I have not yet been able to get my hands on the Nikon 24mm T/S, but I will have my 85mm PC and a Canon 35mm T/S that has been modified for Nikon mount. I have not yet tried it on my new D3, so I hope it works out.

    I hope the winds don’t get too tough over the next couple of days.

    — Russ

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    Thanks Russ!

    I hope your T/S works – I have been using my 24 T/S a lot. It is fairly calm right now – the T/S sure is nice if you do get a little breeze since it allows you to open up the aperture a little. Good Luck!


  11. Stunning image Ron! After viewing your wildflower photos I’m now tempted to find my way down to southern California. I’ll have to see if my schedule permits. Odds are I won’t be able to, but we’ll have to see.

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    Thanks a lot Jim,

    I think a trip down this direction would be well worth your time, well that is if you have the time.

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