Arizona Wildflower Update – 2011

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Tonto National Forest, Arizona.

Tonto National Forest, Arizona.

What may not show well in this small photo is the nice field of yellow ground wildflowers.

This is definitely been a very poor year for wildflowers, but a stretch of warm weather followed by some a pretty heavy rain last Monday has seemed to produce a mini bloom of wildflowers.

In the two placers I have been spending time, Tonto National Forest, and McDowell Regional Park, I’m beginning to see a few poppies, lupine and brittlebush in bloom.  It isn’t the dramtic colorful hills and fields of wildflowers I have seen in past springs in this area, but at least it is a little something, something.  And, I would think it could get a bit better over the next week or so.

I’ll be making my way to the west side of the state in a few days, it will be interesting to see how that area is doing after the recent rains – I’ll follow up with a report if I find anything worth reporting on!

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  1. It has been quite a strange year Ron. I don’t blame mother nature for being confused when just as spring was arriving – winter returns with a vengeance. Still, those saguaro make quite a nice subject!

  2. Beautiful image! Yes…..there are tiny Goldfields coming up everywhere but I’m fairly sure the last frost killed alot of wildflowers that had already started coming up sprouted because of the preceeding warm weather. Hedgehogs are filled with fat buds, though!

  3. Today’s photo and yesterday’s are both gorgeous, Ron. I’m going to have to meet you in Tuscon next year and follow your trails. I’ve been photographing the saguaro for years and your pretty views of them area a *lot* tougher to get than they might look. It takes a lot of time just hiking around in the saguaro to find clean, interesting views–though when you’re driving through it seems like everything is a great photo. There are a few towns south and east of Tuscon I’d like to see, too. And if you haven’t been to Tubac, and are still in the area, it’s ultra touristy, but so tiny and hidden that it’s fun to visit. jeff

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    Thanks everyone!

    @ Russ – it sure has been a crazy winter!

    @ Marianne I’m thinking the frost did them in as well. I have seen a number of Hedgehogs in bloom in McDowell over the last couple of days.

    @ Jeff That sounds good! I haven’t been to Tubac – there is lots to explore around there. You are right, coming up with a composition with the saguaros is much harder then it looks – I’m always surprised by the challenge when I get here. Thanks!

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