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A ferris Wheel at night, Long Beach, California.

A ferris wheel at night, Long Beach, California.

 I thought I would try a new idea with the blog and create an Ask Ron category.  My thinking is that every so often I would answer reader submitted questions and publish the question and my response here on the blog.  They can be pretty much anything photography related, from travel destinations, gear, techniques, thoughts and opinions – you get the idea.  If there is a photo you have always wondered about, maybe the story behind the image, that would be good too.

If you have a web presence; website, blog, Flickr page, I would be happy to link back in my response.  If you would prefer to remain anonymous, that’s cool too. 

You can post your questions in this thread, or feel free to email them to me at  If you could, put “Ask Ron” in the subject so that I will know it is for the blog and not just someone asking a question.

I will do my best to answer all questions as best I can, but I will have editorial control, so I could decide to ignore a question – heck, it is my blog.  🙂  So if I start posting photos of a wolverine den, chances are slim that I will provide the GPS coordinates.  Likewise, asking for the name and number of the photo editor at XYZ magazine probably won’t get a response either, but most stuff will be fair game.  So hit me with your Q’s!

Hey, speaking of wolverine.  Now that we are heading into spring, I figure it might be a good time to remind everyone that my deal from last year is still on!

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  1. Hey Ron. So here’s a question I forgot to ask on the interview you did on my other blog –

    Say if you are going camping in some remote place in Alaska for a week or two with no electricity, how you would make sure you have enough power for your cameras and file storage? The dilemma I’m thinking is that lith-ion batteries can really start to add a lot of weight and don’t really last that long anyway in cold conditions. The camera batteries of course have their own special charger which would be useless w/o a place to plug in.

  2. Well Ron I will thinking of a question. The ferris wheel makes a very interesting and neat photo. Did It take several tries before completing this image?

  3. Hello Ron:

    I have been really enjoying your site over the past couple of years. Thanks for providing lots of great inspiring photos and helpful information.

    My wife and I live in Anchorage, and we try and get away for a little sunshine during the winter. This winter was the eastern Caribbean, and next year we are thinking about Costa Rica. Your photos are fantastic, and was wondering if you could recommend a general area in Costa Rica for photography. We would probably spend 10-14 days there.


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  6. Ron,
    Thanks so much for posting a great blog! I will be heading up to AK this summer for a project I’m working on in the Prince William Sound. I will be kayaking around the sound for 2 months shooting photos and I was wondering if you a good system for camera storage on a sea kayak. I have tried storing my system on a deck bag as well as in a dry bag in my cockpit and have never felt that comfotable with either system. I need to have quick access to my gear without it getting in my way, any ideas?

    Thanks so much,
    Ryan Bonneau.

  7. This is great–I love reading pros’ answers to photography questions!

    I have a question, though I don’t know all of the right terminology to ask it properly. I am wondering if you can talk about what settings you use for focusing (i.e. only manual, back button, etc.) and why.

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  9. Ron, how do you know what the size of the sensor is when you buy a camera. I don’t remember ever seeing that information on any literauture. Probabaly because its out of my price range, but how do you know when looking at cameras???

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    Hi Betty,

    Since I will be gone a for a few days, I’ll just answer it here real quick instead of waiting to do another post.

    If you are looking at SLR digital, look and see what the crop factor is – sometime they will call it the multiplier factor. If there isn’t one, then it is a full size sensor. If it says something like 1.6x , then you know you have a smaller sensor. Only the most expensive SLR cameras are full frame. For Canon right now, that means the 5D Mark II and the 1Ds Mark III.

    If you have questions about a particular camera Betty, let me know.



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