Aurora Borealis

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Aurora Borealis over Trail Lake, Moose Pass, Alaska.

Aurora Borealis over Trail Lake, Moose Pass, Alaska.

Since I captured this early this morning and will be traveling on Monday, I decided to do a rare weekend blog post.

With a lot of packing and shipping to do, I really didn’t need to be running around last night looking for Northern Lights – but I just couldn’t resist and headed out for a couple of hours a little after mid-night.  You see it has been another slow winter for the Aurora Borealis, especially in Alaska for some reason – they have been getting some pretty good shows in Norway.  So when I saw things were looking good on the computer, I had to go for it!

It takes a very good show to reach us down here in Seward and unfortunately this wasn’t one of them.  By driving North, I was able to watch them on the Northern horizon, but didn’t have the time to go any further – I probably would have needed to go past Anchorage and Wasilla.  So I made the best of it as I watched them on the shores of Trail Lake and listened to the ice cracking on the lake – actually the ice was really loud – that made it kind of eerie on such a dark, moonless night!

Ok, back to packing!

For those who are interested, you might enjoy reading about how to find the northern lights, or how to photograph the northern lights.

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  1. I think this is a great picture, I really like it! it was well worth your effort! Im looking forward to reading the reference articles above about the N L.! Thanks.

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