Aurora Borealis

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Last night!  Funny, I spent two nights up North in Denali this week for the Aurora Borealis and didn’t see anything.  But, twice this week I had great aurora down here in Seward which is far less likely!  I’m not complaining, it is a wonderful show anywhere you see it!  Actually it is much nicer to have them down here where you don’t have to deal with the cold.  🙂

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  1. Amazing picture. Based on this shot I have forwarded a deposit for the 2014 Northern Lights photo tour that I’m sure you will be leading. Hope I got my money in, before it was sold out.

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    I have actually thought about offering a Northern Lights photo tour for many years as it would fill in no time – I get lots of requests and have even turned away groups looking to hire me. Last week in Denali reminded me why I haven’t offered such a tour – night after night in the cold without lights. Not only do you need the lights, but you also need clear skies – the combination can be hard to come by. We you hit it, it seems so easy, but if you don’t, it could make for a long, frustrating week for people. I like the sure things for tours – like coastal brown bears!

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  5. Hey Ron,

    To add to the irony … and I was in the arctic, and got nothing. You’re right, the auroras are hard to catch. But when you do, they’re awesome.

    Love the shot.



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  7. Someone — not me unfortunately — photographed the Northern Lights here in the UK in North Yorkshire only 2 weeks ago. Now how unusual is that I wonder?

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