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  1. wow! it is amazing how fast the leaves changed! They weren’t that color when we left a couple weeks ago. Beautiful photo Ron.

  2. …and when I get there next week it will be brown:( Beautiful colors, Ron. I’m going to Join Tim and Dana for the road lottery. Hope there is a little color left

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    Thanks Dennis!

    Hi Kristen – yeah, they really are changing fast! Thanks.

    Hi Milo – the road lottery is a bit late this year – seems like most the time there are still a few pockets of color – hope you guys have a great trip!

  4. Beautiful…I love fall! We drove for several hours yesterday behind Squaw Peak in Utah Valley to find more than a freckles worth of autumn color at the 7,000 ft level. Sliding around a sharp corner on a steep dirt road as the sun was setting, we finally found a few brightly colored trees grouped together. I can’t wait until our mountains start looking like your neck of the world in a couple of weeks.

  5. I miss fall. We just moved to Las Vegas and I miss the leaves turning. The palm trees don’t seem to be changing color. Ha ha, thanks for the beautiful picture.

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    Thanks Julie – I would love to spend some time with the fall colors you have around Salt Lake City – you get a great show down there!

    Kellen Thanks! You could always run up to Zion. Zion isn’t too far from Vegas, and looks wonderful in the fall.

  7. My favorite season is fall and I can’t wait for the trees to start turning here in Indianapolis. These colors are so vibrant and the contrast between the reds and the blue/gray of the mountains is perfect so the mountains do not get lost at all. I have never been to Alaska and really never have thought about going but these images are changing my mind!

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    Thanks Vera – I know, winter isn’t too far off!

    Thanks Molly – Alaska really is an amazing place to visit, you need to add it to your list!

  9. Hello, Oh what a lovely photo! I see Autumn has already arrived in Alaska and the Northen Hemisphere! I live in Catalunya (southern Europe) and Autumn here hasn´t yet got here, but there a few trees losing their leaves already, wild plums, and some cherry trees have a few read leaves, while the rest still green! So odd!
    Question, when does Autumn arrive in your area? And I´m speacilly interested in the south of USA, Florida, New Orleans.. etc

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    Hi Adam,

    I actually live in Alaska – on the coast where I live, we are just now starting to see the colors change – they are usually the best in the last half of September.

    In the Lower 48 states, the fall colors can really vary. They can be good from mid to late September in places like Colorado and the Grand Tetons. But in places like Zion, they don’t peak until late October / early November. I haven’t been to Florida or New Orleans, so I really can’t help you there.

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