Avalon, Catalina Island

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Avalon, Catlina Island, California.

Avalon, Catalina Island, California.










Earlier this week we moved over to campground in Newport Beach, just in time for a favorable, warm, off-shore weather pattern.  I say favorable, because the off-shore winds blow much of the air pollution often found in this area out to sea, providing clearer then normal views of the buildings, surrounding mountains and bright blue skies.  We have been running around like crazy taking advantage of this situation.  We have hiked the hills around Irvine searching for cityscape locations, been up to Griffith Park on the other side of LA, and spent the last two days out on Catalina Island. 

I’m running a bit behind on the blog, but decided to jump ahead and post a photo of the town of Avalon on Catalina Island becuase that is such a cool little town on a pretty island.

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