Baby Moose

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Baby moose, Seward, Alaska.

Baby moose, Seward, Alaska.

I spotted this little guy running across a large field all by itself late last night.  I followed him to this pond – the poor guy was crying non-stop – probably a good way to attract predators.  I talked softly to it, and it turned around and began approaching me!  This wouldn’t be a good time to have its mom come along, but it was a cool moment.  It came up to spot just a bit closer then the right hand bottom corner of this image before turning around and disappearing into the thick forest.

Ten minutes later I spotted a cow moose about a quarter mile away running around frantically – presumably its mother.  It disappeared into the same stretch of forest as the calf – hopefully they reunited, but I never did spot either one before night fall.

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  1. I hope the little guy finds his mom. I would have been so tempted to bring him home and take care of him if he couldn’t find her.

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    Thanks guys.

    I hear you Scott. A friend spotted the calf the next day – unfortunately it was still by itself.

  3. This genre of wildlife imagery has become a favorite of mine. I appreciate the reference to the home in which this creature lives. In many ways I think these are more difficult images to make than close-ups. This one is powerful!

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