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I’m back to posting photos. 

We have now moved up to the Phoenix area.  I was almost dreading this portion of our travels because of the big city, traffic etc., but surprisingly, this has turned out to be one of my favorite locations on this trip.

We are in a great campground about 25 miles east of downtown Phoenix, just past Fountain Hills.  We are surrounded by some of the nicest looking desert in Arizona in my opinion.  It is very green with lots of cactus, and surrounded by nice mountains.  Our campsite looks over a river valley and miles of open desert, and within eye site of an active Bald Eagle nest.  The two adults fly by regularly, it reminds me of home.  There are some great trails nearby, and we have even had coyotes and javelina walk through our campsite!  The only drawback, I have a fair drive for my travel type shooting within the city, and I’m sure it will be much worse once the weekend is over. 

There is lots to shoot in this area, and we have a fair amount of office work, so I think we will spend a few weeks camping here.

I almost forgot, the above image is of a bike trail along a little lake in Scottsdale from last night.

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