Barn Panoramic, Grand Teton National Park

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 Barn Panoramic, Grand Teton National Park

Here is another image from our spring trip.  This panoramic is made up of 3 separate images.  Unfortunately on the blog I am limited to 400 pixels in width which leaves it pretty small.

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  1. When you do your panos, do you use a panoramic head, or how would you recommend going about shooting multi stitches? Do you process the images individually first, or just plug into the software straight from RAW? I have a problem with bowing of the horizon line however I just use a regular tripod head so maybe that is the issue.

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    Hi Richard,

    Good questions – I have intended to do a blog post on creating panos and just haven’t had the time – hopefully soon.

    For a shot like this where I used somewhat of a telephoto, I just used a regular tripod head and got it fairly level. I do have one of those fancy RSS attachments that allows you to level the camera and to rotate on the nodal point of the lens – this is really important if you use a wideangle and have near / far objects. I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would, but I still intend to.

    I precess the raw files making sure that I convert with the same white balance, but I don’t do any other adjustments until after I make the panaramic.

    I us Panaroma Factory – it does a pretty good job of combining photos and eliminating things like bowed horizons. PhotoShop CS3 also does a good job. It sounds like Autopano Pro might be a better choice from what I hear – I haven’t tried it yet, but I might.


  3. Thanks for sharing the tips Ron. I think I probably need the head then because I’ve mostly used a wide angle for them. I use AutoPano but haven’t tried any others so I can’t offer a recommendation for which product is better.

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