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  2. Great capure Ron! I ended up choosing to get out to Barlett Lake on Saturday evening, but there was very little light left by the time I got there. I found a couple nice spots, but nothing as nice as that – looks like it was further along the road to the north.

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    Hi John,


    I thought of you as we ended up joining friends for the Angels game on Saturday – I was wondering which game you attended with your kids.

    This was along the road to the North and then a bit of a hike up the hill above the road. Since they hills do face a bit toward the East, they do lose their light early.


  4. We went to the Mariners @ Dodgers game Saturday and Dodgers @ Cincinnati game Sunday. We ended up out at the training facilities both days early, so the boys could shag balls hit over the fences. Gave me a chance to shoot some shots of the players hanging out taking batting practice.

    BTW – you might want to check out White Tank park on the west side in the next couple weeks. It was a bit early, but there were a few nice flowers there. I spent Sunday morning there for sunrise. I’m not sure how obvious the desert sage blossoms are – but the plants were very green, covered with buds and everywhere! Brittlebush was just getting going too.

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    Thanks Adrian!

    Thanks for the tip John – hopefully I will get a chance to visit the White Tank area. That seems to be true with lots of areas in Arizona right now – really green and waiting to bloom. Hopefully hot weather won’t ruin that – the forecast is for relatively cool weather the next few days so that could help.



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