Bears and Remotes

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Bear and Boat

Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

If you have followed this photo blog much, you know I have spent a fair amount of time working the bears around Seward with a remote camera setup.  Well, I thought that might provide some unique opportunities while at Lake Clark National Park, so I brought all my gear over there for my remote setup. 

Wouldn’t you know it, this was the first bear we photographed, on the very first night, and he decided to beat the heck out of this perfectly innocent boat for really no apparent reason.  It was right then and there I decided I wouldn’t be using my remote setup – I could see my camera and tripod turning into a really fun bear toy! 

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  2. oh, how adorable! But soon he will be sub-adult & really frisky!! Then he’ll be grown and I doubt he’ll want anything to do with us!

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