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  1. I can see all your family photos of these bears framed and hanging on the wall of their bear cave.

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    It would be fun to put together a series of photos. One of them still doesn’t dig for clams, but cries and begs!

  3. An unusual and captivating image. Some people believe you can’t attribute emotions to wild animals, but after observing them in the wild my whole life, I believe you can. If these were adult bears, they might hate each other but these cubs appear to be playing. It’s almost as if they have taken a moment to just enjoy the embrace they’ve found themselves in while wresting. Maybe you saw whether this was the case or not…anyway, the photograph definitely captures my interest…

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    Hi David,

    I believe you can too – these guys were definitely playing and having fun with each other and even appeared to show affection for each other. Thanks.

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