Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

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Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

This was at sunrise yesterday (Sunday)  – what a beautiful little lake!

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  3. Great job! Your photo captures the incredible beautiful and serenity of the lake. It’s very calming and soothing to look at….and perfectly composed, of course! 🙂

  4. Did you make this photo using HDR or did you use a graduated ND filter to capture the perfect exposure? What would be wonderful is if you would record your image settings and share them when you post the photo. Or any special effects you used like HDR or split ND…
    Thanks! PS: What a wonderful life!

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    Thanks Rick – I hope today it better!

    Thanks Julie – I will try to add that information to future posts – I forget to do that.

    This was at ISO 100 and f/18 for 1.3 seconds. I believe I used a 2 stop hard-edge neutral density filter with the edge placed on the fog. The foreground rocks were still a bit dark, so I blended in a 2.5 second exposure for the foreground rocks. For the blog, I rarely use hdr or blend techniques, but thought this one was worth the extra work. Thanks!

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  8. Ron – I think I must have been standing next to you that morning! Am enjoying your images from RNMP – looks like you’ve caught some of the best locations.

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