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I’m really excited about my bear photo tour that starts tomorrow, but more on that in a second.  A very unfortunate medical issue has lead a sudden opening for this year’s August bear tour.  This one filled almost a year in advance, so this is a rare opportunity – if you would like reserve this spot or have any question please call.

So the reason I’m extra excited about this tour is it will be like a gathering of old friends!  The people I have meet doing these tours has been the greatest reward in my opinion.

So for this first trip, I will be joined by Betty – this will be her third bear trip with me.  Also Rawdon who will also be joining me for the third time on a bear trip, and was my roommate on the Antarctica trip.  Then there is Andrew he was on last year’s June bear trip, my Borrego workshop and will be joining me on both bear trips this summer!  Kathy, who was on the Antarctica trip.   Natalie, who has been working with me this week.  And finally, one person I haven’t meet.   I’m excited to be reunited with everyone as I am to see the reported two sets spring bear cubs!

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