Bear Tour Opening?

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A bear cub from last summer's Bear and Puffin Photo Tour

A bear cub from last summer's Bear and Puffin Photo Tour

As you may know, despite more then doubling our offerings, our Alaska Bear and Puffin Photo Tour sold out many months.  But, after reading about our overnight boat photo trip into Kenai Fjords National Park, one of the participants wants to do this trip instead so this opens an unexpected spot for this amazing experience!  Follow the link or give us a call if you have any questions, I don’t expect this one to be around too long.

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  1. Wow-that little cub sure has VERY BIG PAWS….I like how you have captured the softness of it’s fur………

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  4. Ron,
    How can one tell the difference between a brown bear and a grizzly bear? Or are they the same? When looking at some of the adult bears above they look like grizzly bears. Thanks.

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    @ Dena Since the bears near the coast are so much larger then the ones in the Alaska Interior, it was believed that they were two different species, brown bears on the coast, grizzlies in the interior. I had always heard that a hundred miles from the coast was the division line – seemed kind of arbitrary to me.

    Today research has shown that the bears are the same species, the difference in size due to diet – coastal bears have access to a lot more high calorie protein food sources like salmon, where the interior bears are forced to eat a lot of plants and roots. So today the names are more or less used interchangeably kind of like mountain lion / cougar.

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  10. Just wanted you to know I continue to follow you and your photos, even when I am in Florida.
    Will return to Seward this summer, 2011. Hope to see you then.

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    Hi Ann,

    Thanks a lot Ann – it is great to hear from you! Looking forward to seeing you again out at Exit Glacier this summer!


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