Bears and Puffin Photo Tour

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A brown bear cubs watches and learns how to dig for clams from its mom.

A brown bear cub watches and learns how to dig for clams from its mom.

This is the second of three Alaska photo tours we will be offering next summer.

Spending time watching and photographing brown bears up close is an absolute thrill!   This is going to be a small group (limited to 4) tour where we will live and breath brown bears pretty much day and night thanks to Alaska’s long summer days.  We will be staying in a wonderful lodge in a beautiful setting along the coast.  We are near a clear flowing salmon stream with a wonderful snow capped mountain backdrop.  Thanks to the wide variety of food sources – salmon, clams and sedges, this area sees a large gathering of coastal brown bears, from huge bores and sows to cute, playful cubs.

I say we will live and breath bears, but actually we will take a portion of one day to travel by boat to a nearby island where we will go to shore for a wonderful opportunity to photograph horned and tufted puffin up close.  Our timing should be perfect since the puffin will be actively traveling back and fourth to their burrows with mouths full of fish.

To learn more, check out our page on the bear and puffin photo tour.

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  3. Awesome image Ron. Are you sure that cub is learning or just impatiently waiting? 🙂 From the behavior I saw, seems they are looking for free meals for as long as they can milk them out of mom. 🙂

    Good luck with the tours!

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    Thanks Paul, and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks Mark! You sure could be right. This poor cub would dig and dig, but didn’t know to look for the bubbles. The mom wasn’t sharing, but the cub could have been hoping. Happy Thanksgiving.


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