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  1. That’s awesome Ron. Looks like a set up family portrait, those bears must take direction really well… Great job, I’m loving your bear pics!

  2. Another beauty, Ron. I never have the problem of being too close! Also, congrats on the Bing home page photo today. Make a screen shot of it before it goes away in a few days. I had an image on the page a year or so ago but only heard about it afterwards and they only go back a few days.

  3. You are making me jealous Ron, looks like a great trip. Delightful pose in that scene and the fur still looks pretty good for this late in the year also.

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    Thanks everyone!

    @Ryan It does look staged!

    @eileen Thanks!

    @Milo Wow, that is my time-lapse. I didn’t know about that, thanks for the heads up! How did you know that was mine? Congratulations on the current cover of Alaska Magazine!

    @Patrick Thanks! Some were just starting to molt when we left.

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  6. This looks totally posed–fantastic! Are those the same 2 newborn cubs from 2 years ago? I think I recognize them. I thought they leave their mom at the age of 2.

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