Behind the Rocks, Moab, Utah.

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Behind the Rocks Wilderness Study Area (WSA), Moab, Utah.

Behind the Rocks Wilderness Study Area (WSA), Moab, Utah.

I spent two evenings hiking around trying to find a nice vantage point to photograph this very unique region – this was the best vantage point I could find.  The 24 Hours of Moab was held on the other side of this area.  I guess you could say, it was behind Behind the Rocks.

I thought it would be a fascinating area to explore, but these things are huge, I don’t see any way in there without doing some serious climbing with ropes and stuff – something beyond my capabilities!  I was reading about the area on the BLM website, and I thought this summed it up well:  “There are extreme topographical constraints to foot travel within this WSA”

This was captured with a 100-400 at 400 from 655 meter away on the opposite side of the Colorado River.  The exposure was a 20th of a second @ f/11 and a ISO of 100.

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  1. Spectacular! I’ve missed this area so far. Have to check the maps. Were you on the east or west side of the Colorado? Looks like you were looking south.

    Bet the photos you don’t post are equally as spectacular.

  2. I have never heard of this area and it looks amazing. It’s hard to gauge the shear scale of the landscape here. Reminds me of the Bungle Bungles in NW Australia. Nice work as always Ron.

  3. Cool area Ron, Looks like a nice place for aerial photography. Know anybody w a plane a helicopter or a balloon? Or is any of that allowed there?
    Glad to see you and Janine are having another productive trip.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Joni, this was from the North side of the river, looking towards the South from up on the Poison Spider Mesa.

    Thanks Drew, would love to see Australia sometime.

    Thanks Calvin – it has been a good trip, although I hear a missed a great fall in Alaska. I have tried to find a helicopter charter here to no avail, but there are planes, the could be cool!


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    Thanks Bret – I imagine you are familiar with how tough this area is to explore. We biked the 24 Hours of Moab trail on Monday – that seems like the best way to access this area, but it would still take a lot of work!

  6. Hi Ron – next time you find yourself in Moab, give me a call. I run a guide service here and can get you into some amazing locations within Behind the Rocks.

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