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  1. Wow, great angle. I’ll have to remember that spot if I’ve got time at sunset tonight.

    My wife said there were 5 inches of snow this morning – third night of snow in a row in UT…more than your house so far?

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    Thanks everyone!

    @ Scott – yep.

    @ John – Great to see you last night. Yes, you have a lot more snow then we do in Alaska!

    Thanks again.

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    I didn’t think about the timing of posting this shortly after my post on Lake Mead going dry – fitting I suppose. Thank you.

  6. This is a beautiful image! Everyone who has seen this fountain knows how majestic it is the the power it has to draw people in to watch it. This is a great angle at which the picture was taken because you can really see how big the fountain is. I unfortunately have not had an opportunity to see but I will be this coming March.

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