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I am very proud to have the cover of all three Bell’s Travel Guides in 2013!  We have been working with this wonderful family owned business for many years now.  You will find these guide books all over Alaska in gas stations, campgrounds, hotels and restaurants.  Be sure to pick them up if you see one – they are loaded with all kinds of information and have the best town maps!

Here are the other two: 



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  1. Ron,
    Some clean striking images on the those covers. Nice job. It seems a little odd that they chose a bear photo from a non road accessible location for their Alaska highway book. Observations of late suggest that editorial selections could be more accurate in building realistic expectations for visitors to Alaska in general. I picked up the cover of a Book subtitled “the Central Brooks Range mountains” and the full cover was a shot from wonder lake in the Alaska Range. By the way, I sent someone your way who wants a puffin shot like you have on that cover!

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    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks a lot for sending a possible client our way – I appreciate it!

    I do know what you are saying about editorial selection, and have noticed the same thing. I had an Alaska image used on the cover of a Utah phone book, and a Denali image in a book on California.

    Although, the bear selection isn’t a problem to me. I initially had a concern over the puffin for the Inside Passage, but then I remember seeing them on a tour out of Sitka, so that works. I think there are other areas for puffin in Southeast as well.

    As far as the bear goes, I do think that is a fairly generic background and I think seeing bears, even Brown Bears along the Alaska Highway is a realistic expectation. I know I have seen lots over the years – especially driving early mornings. Another year Bell’s used one of my brown bear images on the same guide and that bear was actually photographed near Haines making it even a better fit. Thanks Patrick.

  3. Congrats on the three covers, Ron. You really own Alaska!

    Interesting comments on the Alaska image used on the Utah phone book. I can’t think of any bigger contrast in landscapes. That must have been an interesting cover.

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    @ Richard – I know, it isn’t like Utah isn’t beautiful! It was for a town near Salt Lake City in the mountains, so it kind of fit. Although, I’m not so sure the flowers in the photos were ones you would find there. Thanks.

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