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King Penguins, Salisbury Plain, South Georgia

King Penguins, Salisbury Plain, South Georgia.

Save $1,000 on great trip to South Georgia!

More on that great deal in a minute.  First, let me explain what you are seeing.  This is thousands and thousands of King Penguins on the Salisbury Plain.  The brown birds you see are the year old chicks, also known as Oakum Boys.  This makes for a fascinating pattern.  In short, South Georgia has to be one of the most amazing places on this planet – period.  It is a place that anyone who is passionate about wildlife and nature should expedience at least one in their life.

I am a guide on the next three major trips Cheeseman’ Ecology Safaris has scheduled to Antarctica / South Georgia.   As you may know, I have also worked on the last three as well.  What is interesting, in the 20 years Cheesemans’ has been leading tours to the South Georgia / Antarctica, they have never had a situation where they had space left 3.5 months before the trip.  So because of this, they are now offering $1,000 for this upcoming trip to South Georgia for new sign-ups only.  Here is a link:  Cheesemans’ South Georgia Tour.  I do not see a mention this discount on their website, but when you call or email, you can tell them you heard it from me and I’m sure  they will honor it.

So why do I think this is a great trip?  For starters, there are 8 days of landings on South Georgia.  This should allow for a variety of weather and landing locations.  If you are going to take the time, and spend the money to travel this far, you want as many opportunities as possible.

Not only is this a longer trip then most, but we spend a lot of time on shore, and we do more landings – and will go to shore early and late, perfect for photographers.

It is a small ship, limited to just 100 passengers.  This give us the ability to ferry all the passengers to shore  quickly, and also allows us the ability to take everyone Zodiac cruising at the same time.

Experienced staff and crew including Tim and Pauline Carr who lived on this remote island for 14 years becoming the island’s sole permanent residents.

I could go on, but you can learn far more on the Cheesemans’ website.


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