Big Brown Bear Boar

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Brown Bear Boar, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Brown Bear Boar, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Home from my second Alaska Brown Bear Photo Tour!  It was another awesome trip!  It is interesting how two back to back trips can be so different.  This one was marked by the arrival of 3 very large boars.  Usually boars sightings are a bit fleeting, however these guys were often highly visible.  This one is rubbing its back on a tree in the yard at the lodge.  It did stir up the bear activity a bit as one of the sows with cubs spent a good part of each day up in a tree near the lodge.  However, there were lots of bears to be seen – it wasn’t uncommon to see 15 different animals, and at times 10 different bears from just one position.  Not to mention, fox, eagles, otters even puffin – it was a fun trip with another very wonderful group!

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