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  1. That’s so awesome – both the shot and the fact that it’s the back drop for Bing!

    Congrats Ron!

  2. It us pretty cool they buy an image for the site everyday. I became aware of this after I sold a muskox image that was used on the page. Some people contacted me to buy prints but it had disappeared from the site by then and I never got to see it. Since then, I have set it as my home page at work and have seen images from several photogs I know, including Ron and Patrick Endres. It is always an interesting image.

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    Thanks again for the heads-up Milo and congratulations on having your image on there too! I was wondering which one they used.

    @ Steve Thanks!

    @ Noella Thanks! If you see Milo’s comment – you can use the back arrows to view the last 4 or 5 days – you should be able to see it there.

  4. Congratulations on that Ron. Maybe I ought to respond to that photo buyer who says he’s representing Google after all… No joke, truly received that contact request. I’m not sure I want Dad’s photo on the Google home page, but, well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have the conversation at least…

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    Thanks David.

    I agree, it never hurts to find out what they want as it might not be what you expect. Good luck.

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