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  1. I was on an Atlantic salmon fishing trip to the Caines River in New Brunswick Canada with a couple of friends. They were up the river a bit from where I was fly fishing. It was a cold day and they were up where the sun was shining between two mountain like hills that were blocking the sun.

    I looked up to see how they were doing and saw them waving their arms and pointing. I looked around to see what they were pointing at. There was a good size black bear just sitting there waiting for me to hook a salmon.

    When the black bear saw me look at it he just got up and wandered back into the bush. Not sure what he would have done had I hooked up with a big ole salmon.

    We have so many black bear here they have to be controlled through hunting to keep the numbers down. I think the fact we keep moving deeper and deeper into their home that we think they are moving into our home.

    I am not really sure what I would have done if it started moving toward me but it didn’t. 🙂

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    Hi James,

    That is some story – thanks for sharing! I’m glad you didn’t have to find out what would have happened if the bear came towards you.


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