Black Bear and I Have a Deal

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Black Bear

A little black bear in Seward, Alaska. 

I have to thank my buddy Doug, owner of one of the nicest bed and breakfasts in town, Bay Vista Bed and Breakfast for calling me and tipping me off about this cute little guy.

I really appreciate phone calls like this.  A number of people called to tip me off on a grizzly sow and cub that were putting on a show for three straight nights in on the Resurrection River near town – unfortunately it was while I was in Denali. 

The one call no one seems willing to make is that 2:00 a.m. call for Northern Lights!  I understand, it is hard to call someone that late at night, but really I don’t mind!  It’s not like I have to be at work in the morning – this is my “work”.

So what is this about a deal?  Well for many years now I have wanted to see and photograph a wild wolverine.  Despite countless hours in which I have watched and photographed many wild wolves and other rare creatures, I have yet to even see a wolverine. 

I know I have a lot of Alaska subscribers to the photo blog, so I thought I would throw this out.  My deal is, if you call me (224-7280) and tip me off to a wild wolverine, and I’m able to even get a moderate photo of one – then I will take you and a friend out to dinner to the Seward restaurant of your chocie, and will buy all the food and drinks you want.  Salmon, king crab, prime rib anything you want!  OK, I’m waiting by the phone.  🙂

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  1. And here I was thinking that it was a deal between you and the bear – like “I won’t eat you if you promise to capture my good side…”

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    Hi Mark,

    I hope I always have the “don’t eat me” deal with bears. LOL

    I wish you did too Doris!


  3. Hey Ron,

    A wolverine and I get ONE meal outta it? Dude, do you know how much it costs me to drive to Seward for a meal? Let’s talk some real terms, and I’ll call ya. 🙂

    Ron, if you EVER get a photo of a wolverine before I do, it’s over – I swear – I’ll never post on your blog again. I did beat ya to get a photo of another cool animal though (you’ll have to guess). 🙂

    Knowing my luck, I’ll call you one night around 2am about the Northern Lights and it’ll be socked in and cloudy at your house, and Janine will scold me like never before. 🙂

    Cool image buddy.



    PS – and if anyone knows the whereabouts of a wolverine, call me instead of Ron, and whatever prize he’s offering, I’ll match it AND include chocolate.

  4. Great stuff Ron. The bear looks a little too close for comfort. It must be nice to live in a small town and to be known as the photographer in town.

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    Hi Richard,

    It is nice; that is the advantage of a 3,000 person town. There are lots more small towns out there without a photographer if you ever decide to leave the greater LA area!

    Thanks Dave, I have a feeling nothing will come of it – but if it did, I could have some fun blogs!

    Carl – you get me a wolverine, I will throw in the fuel to drive to Seward!

    I can think of a few cool animals you have that I don’t – Alligator, Whitetail Deer, Gray owl… I’m guess you have a new one. If I had to guess, I would say Pine Martin or a Long-tailed Weasel.

  6. I’m waiting for one of those speed talker/auctioneers to come on here any second. Can I get a habadabada…three thousand… going once… habadaabda

  7. Hey Ron,

    The fuel to drive to Seward, eh? From where? 🙂

    I told you last fall I’ve got a bearing on a wolverine, didn’t I? I bet ya I have a close up headshot, non-captive, before the summer is through. 🙂

    As for the new animal, close, but nope – keep an eye out on the blog over the next few weeks. (How’s that for driving traffic to my site?) 🙂 🙂



  8. Ron,

    Dude, you realize you are asking for a 2 AM prank call now right? I wouldn’t even have to get up that early.


  9. Ron:

    Why not find out who the world’s leading wolverine researchers are and give a few of them a call? You know they’ll have some kind of tracking nesting habitat info. Swing a deal to join them on their fieldwork.

    As for N. lights, it should be fairly predictable which nights to wake yourself up on by paying attention to the Space Weather Channel. They’re the guys who monitor the solar wind and coronal bursts that cause the lights.

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    Thanks Gary,

    Two good suggestions. When it come to finding northern lights, I do track the solar wind, magnetic field direction, and even get emails when the K reaches 5, but I still seem to miss them at times. A lot seems to change after I go to bed!

    Contacting researchers is a good idea, I should pursue that a little further. The researchers here have rarely seen them outside of there remote cameras which they pass once every couple of weeks. I will have to research that further.

    Hi Joe,

    For some reason that did come to mind. 🙂 I’m hoping my readers are a little more mature then I am, which wouldn’t take much 🙂

    I hope you are staying dry!

    Hi Carl,

    Yeah you did tell me about that wolverine.

    Don’t tell me this new animal is another bird, because that doesn’t really count. 🙂

    That is funny Dave!



  11. Hey Ron,

    I’ve had no luck with researchers on wolverines – it’s always remote stuff, like you said.

    Nope, the ‘new’ animal isn’t a bird. It counts, trust me. 🙂

    By the way – I have no friends – so do I get 2 dinners? Or do you count as the friend and get yourself a free dinner?



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    Hi Carl,

    All this negotiation! 🙂 Since you are clarifying the terms, maybe I should as well. If it is an easy to get to wolverine like hey it has a den in my backyard – then sure, you can have two dinners. But if it is one of those – travel through Skoaili Pass, then turn East and hike 12 more miles, then look to the right you can’t miss it kind of things, then I’m counting as your friend. 🙂



  13. Hey Ron,

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    OK .. there’s a wolverine den in my backyard in Anchorage. Now, about dinner; can I have Halibut? 🙂



  14. I’d crank call you at 2 a.m. Ron but you are an hour behind me. Staying up til 2 is not that big of a deal, but by 3 a.m. I am out of it! So that leaves the crank callers to Hawaiians, Alaskans and East Coasters.

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    Hi Richard,

    For you, that is going to be pretty painful whether you stay up, or get up early. You better have something pretty funnny to say to make that worthwhile. Now If I see East coast photos on your blog and I get a call – I know who to turn to!


  16. Wolverine? Ron you better be careful with that one, I think the bear may be a friendlier option. Shoot with a long lens!

    The definition I came across for a Wolverine:
    a stocky, ferocious, musteline carnivore (Gulo gulo), with thick fur and a big can of whoop ass!

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    Hi Rick,

    I think you are right! I would definitely keep a can of bear spray hands, I hear those things can be mean.


  18. Post

    Great Jess! I will pay for transportation from Anchorage – or I will go pick you up, how’s that. From Idaho Falls, it would have to be a den with pups. 🙂

  19. I was out hiking in the Chugach mountains last year (2008) behind Anchorage and spotted a wolverine carrying in its mouth what looked from a distance like a ground squirrel, trotting back to what I imagined was his nearby den. I’ve been back there once since, and didn’t happen to see him again. But I’d be glad to show you the spot – no dinner required. As a bonus, it’s right by my favorite blueberry patch (which you must promise not to reveal ;). I only owned a p&s back then so didn’t get the best photo, but can send it to you if you tell me where.

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